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Foundation BB Cream, Blank Me Lingerie Foundation SPF50+/PA+++ NO.21 Natural Flawless BB cream Korean Makeup K-Beauty, 11g ¡­

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Price: $299.99
(as of Nov 20,2020 07:15:48 UTC – Details)


With Blank Me Lingerie foundation, you can easily have natural and smooth makeup look with broad spectrum SPF 15 PA+++ and moderate coverage. The Perfect Choice for K-Beauty makeup trying-on!
This portable BB cream is convenient for those who are looking for quick, natural makeup withour worrying out sunburn. There is no sponge soaked with the foundation, but only with a soft yarn. You may easily get the foundation on the puff and tap it evenly on the face.
Blank Me lingerie BB cream provides you with a matte and delicate makeup look in an instant and is suitable for all skin types.
Don’t need to worry about the acne scars and pores or the redness. The coverage is enough to make your skin look fresher,cleaner and let your skin breathe.