RAU Stem Cell Cream (1.7 Fl oz) – Premium Anti-Aging Face Cream with Plant Stem Cells and Argireline for Younger Looking, Firm and Smooth Skin, Suitable for Mature, Dry, Sensitive and Normal Skin

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✅ Our RAU Stem Cell Cream is a highly effective luxurious anti-aging cream. Proven anti aging ative ingredients have been combined with innovative hightech active ingredients in order to create an effective anti-wrinkle Cream. Especially outstanding is the innovative ingredient Argireline. Argireline (Acteyl Hexapeptid) is able to weaken nerve signals to such an extent, that the facial muscles are less active and may relax better.
✅ How does it work? Argireline, in contrast to Botilinum Toxin A, does not stop the muscles but weakens facial expressions. The face remains its natural look and appears more youthful and relaxed. Argireline does not need to be injected and yet has the ability to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles to up to 50% (study proven). In addition, it is non-toxic and gentle to the skin.
✅ Additionally, the cream contains apple stem cells which are obtained from a rare Swiss apple. This extracts help to promote the vitality and longevity off skin cells and to protect them from external (environmental) influences. To even increase this protection, we added grape stem cells which do protect the epidermal cells against UV influences and light-induced skin aging. The rich alpine rose stem cells promote the activity of skin-own stem cells which results in skin regeneration.
✅ What more does the cream have to offer? Hyaluronic acid, ascorbinic acid, shea butter and squalane additionally nourish your skin, clarify it and spend moisture. Especially shea butter, which is known as an excellent moisturizer, helps to improve the long term moisture household of the skin and ensures hydration to dry skin.
✅ Visible reduction of wrinkles, firmer skin, relaxed, younger appearance – get it now!