LHYCM Eye Massager Eye Care Beauty Instrument Device Remove Wrinkles Dark Circles Puffiness Massage Relaxation

Price: $233.17
(as of Jul 30,2020 15:15:43 UTC – Details)


Double care, Fade out fine lines, firming skin: constant temperature magnetic heat import function, make the skin get a better soothing, more effective absorption into the skin care products.
Revitalizing Massage for glowing: The Revitalizing Massage head delivers a revitalizing and relaxing massage that reaches the deeper layers of the skin. Thereby it relaxes the small facial muscles and gives you a revitalizing experience and a healthy-looking glow.
Ion import function: It drives the skin to exercise, and uses the principle of negative ion introduction to effectively introduce skin care products to help skin care products absorb, so that eye problems can be better resolved.
Eyes Around: Using together with skin care cream/gel, moving uniformly and massaging gently from canthus one side to the other side, to lift & smooth and deeply nourish skin around eyes.
Repair elastic fibers, reduce the crow’s feet, and so on. Intermittent regular micro-vibration, to stimulate the subcutaneous tissue to the muscles, can repair the skin elastic fibers and collagen tissue, so as to dilute the wrinkles.