Floxite Dual sided 1x and 15x Vanity Mirror, Brushed Nickel

Price: $42.18 - $36.96
(as of UTC – Details)

This mirror has a 15x extra strong magnifying mirror reversing to a plain mirror. The 15Xtra Strong Supervision 15x side was designed for people with poor close up vision. Adjustable angle for easy viewing.The Elegant Brushed Nickel finish adds elegance to any décor. The dual sided 15x and 1x mirrors allow tiny details to be seen, even w/out eyeglasses plus a regular view.
Clear crisp Hi-Definition magnification of 15x allows any small detail to be seen clearly. The 1x mirror shows a true image of face and hair.
The diameter of the mirror frame is 7.75″. This mirror’s viewing surface is a full 7-inches
Distortion free glass provides the clearest image possible while seeing the tiniest detail
For best results with this high magnification mirror, start very close to the mirror and move back until you can see yourself clearly. If you looked distorted, the magnification is too strong.